The Golf Course at Golden Oaks

Golden Oaks is an award-winning high-end public golf club that offers golfers a “Country Club Experience” without country club prices. With five sets of tees, golfers of every skill level will enjoy their game.

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The Golf Course at Golden Oaks

Course Rules

USGA Rules Govern All Play in Accordance with Local Rules:

  • All Par 3’s – CART PATH ONLY
  • Pro Shop will govern all play
  • No Practicing on the golf course
  • Only 2 riders and 2 bags per cart
  • Each player must have his / her own set of clubs
  • Keep cart at least 40 yards from the tees and greens
  • Golden Oaks is not responsible for injuries received while on the course or damages to or loss of personal property
  • No privately owned coolers are allowed on the golf club property
  • Only beverages purchased at Golden Oaks Golf Club are allowed on the property
  • Slow play or abuse of the course, course rules, or equipment will Not Be Tolerated
  • Please repair ball marks, rake traps, and replace divots

How to Play the Course

How do you tackle the 18-hole golf course at Golden Oaks? What’s the best way to drive 569 yards on hole 18? We layout each hole for you to preview before you shoot the best game of your life complete with pro tips and drone flyovers.

Hole 1 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 1 · 426 Yards · Par 4

Hitting your drive up the left side will shorten this hole. Your approach shot is more uphill than it looks, so one more club is recommended.

Hole 2 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 2 · 395 Yards · Par 4

The tee shot is straight away, but too far left and you will find yourself out of bounds. The green undulates more than it appears from the fairway so if you find yourself above the hole you may have a very fast putt.

Hole 3 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 3 · 394 Yards · Par 4

Out of bounds to the left as on number 2. With the narrow green with water guarding the front, consider laying your tee shot back a bit.

Hole 4 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 4 · 175 Yards · Par 3

A tee shot to the middle of the green is a good play. Do not get greedy on this hole or you will find your score getting high quickly.

Hole 5 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 5 · 494 Yards · Par 5

A tee shot up the left side will help shorten the hole and make it reachable if you are a long hitter. If not, a full swing on your third shot is better than a half.

Hole 6 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 6 · 439 Yards · Par 4

The tee shot is pretty straightforward with not a lot of trouble. A safe play would be to stay away from the back and left of the green.

Hole 7 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 7 · 420 Yards · Par 4

The hole is a slight dogleg right and depending on which tees you are playing, the bunker on the right of the fairway will come into play.

Hole 8 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 8 · 602 Yards · Par 5

Be careful with your tee shot, too far to the right and you will find yourself in the trees. Playing from the back tees the bunker on the left will come into play. Keep your approach shot short, the drop-off is more than it looks

Hole 9 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 9 · 214 Yards · Par 3

Par is hard on this hole. Be sure to hit enough club, the air blowing tends to be more than what you feel.

Hole 10 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 10 · 409 Yards · Par 4

The trouble on this tee shot is staying left away from the bunkers. The approach shot is longer because of hitting uphill so make sure you have enough club.

Hole 11 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 11 · 511 Yards · Par 5

The tee shot on this hole is critical if you want to reach this green in two. Makes sure that you have enough club because it plays two clubs longer uphill.

Hole 12 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 12 · 443 Yards · Par 4

The high grass on the left side comes into play more than you think. The green is quite deep, so pick the right club to get you to the correct quadrant.

Hole 13 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 13 · 168 Yards · Par 3

Do not short side yourself on this hole, it will lead to a bogey at best.

Hole 14 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 14 · 414 Yards · Par 4

The tee shot is very critical on this hole because you must hit the fairway to hold the green. Make sure you have enough club hitting uphill on your second shot.

Hole 15 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 15 · 225 Yards · Par 3

Stay to the front side of the green or risk going off the back, down the slope.

Hole 16 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 16 · 359 Yards · Par 4

Stay right is the general concept for this hole. For players with a stronger tee shot, a fairway wood or hybrid is a safe play because this is not a very long hole. Any shot that goes down the left side will have a rough time getting up the hill. The ideal tee shot would be on the right side of the fairway with 120-130 yards to the green.

Hole 17 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 17 · 469 Yards · Par 4

The tee shot is good if you error on the right side, staying away from the out of bounds on the left. The approach shot plays one club shorter.

Hole 18 | Golden Oaks Golf Club

Hole 18 · 569 Yards · Par 5

Dog Leg. The aim point for the tee shot is the bunker seen from the tee box. The risk/reward tee shot is taking it up and over the trees and having a chance at being on the green in two. If you cannot reach the green in two lay back to your comfort zone for a full shot.

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